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The School

Fanar Indigenous School is a unique model in alternative schooling which integrates most advanced and innovative pedagogies in a comprehensive way. The school is dedicated to create a genuine inner enthusiasm and love for learning by making the process more peaceful, joyful and powerfu. Our curriculum is designed to meet the needs of the child in various developmental stages. The school process is framed in the inspirations from the thoughts and works of Maria Montessori, Jidhu Krishnamurthy and Steiner Rudolf. We strive to develop a very comprehensive organic model of education infused in spirituality.


Qur'anic Lving

The Book of Lord is the divine guide for human being which promotes meaningful and harmonious life. The concept of man in Qur’an is most sublime-The vicegerent of God on earth-The purpose of human life
is grounded on this concept, and thus the education should be infused with this spiritual perspective throughout its delivery. We have highly effective Islamic pedagogy, guided by scholars and researchers. An advanced team of teachers who underwent successful training from Understand Qur’an Academy, Hyderabad is facilitating the process

Montessori Method of Education

Dr. Montessori’s child centered educational approach evolved from her scientific research on children from birth to adulthood harmoniously blends with our view of education. It is a view of the child as one
who is naturally eager for knowledge and capable of initiating learning in a supportive, thoughtfully prepared learning environment. It is an approach that values the human spirit and the development of the
whole child

Art, Rhythm and Creative Movements Inspired By Waldorf

Music, Movements, theater, literature, paintings, and stories are not simple affairs to perform in school intervals. By experiencing the joy of all art forms children develop a lifelong love for learning as well as the intellectual, emotional, physical and spiritual capacities. We accommodate the Waldorf practices with its essence and character for developing creative social capabilities in children

Activity Based Learning (ABL)

If a child is provided the opportunity to explore by their own and provided an optimum learning environment then the learning becomes joyful and long-lasting.The Activity Based Learning (ABL) programme is an innovative, interesting and corroborated classroom transaction programme based on the concept that children are active learners rather passive recipients of information


Every child is born on divinely blessed natural disposition. They are the epitome of virtue and purity. If the life flutters to nurture the nature, a true human being is happened.Education is the most essential tool
to transform man’s self and surround in to fullness and tranquility, when it fosters human beings connection to the divine. So the purpose of schooling is to nurture meaningful transition in each phase of
life that should lead to refining the body, mind and spirit together. It will lead the human journey towards transformational threshold


Integrated developmental educational alternative


Indigenous education celebrates diversity in learning and promotes original thinking. The methods believe in the capacity of children to think, to enquire and to construct in their own way. The methods
believe in the capacity of children to think, to enquire and to construct in their innate way. it aims at futurists, grounded in roots and explore plurality to reconstruct their environment

Integrated and developmental

The education here is not a mere teaching-learning process; it encompasses focused care on the integrated development of the children. We nurture the positive blooming of the children into fullness; our pedagogy
combines the blending of holistic developmental aspects which fosters children’s physical, intellectual,emotional, social and spiritual growth.


Every child is unique

We believe that every child is unique. Nobody should be compared with another. Experiences in the outset of childhood really transform their self. Allowing the young children to learn through exploring
their environment, making discoveries, asking questions will enable them to make their own assumptions and hypothesis on the world around them

Love is the first lession

Children should be made to feel that they are important and belong to. If a teacher is able to find a way to love and understand this child, there will be a way to help him or her thrive. Teachings from the heart of
compassion and empathy will make the impacts beyond the equations of subjects taught. The school should create a loving environment, freer from fears and enable the child to express herself freely

Trust in the treasure of children

Children are born trusting us and this trust is the basis on which we can enjoy a life span of togetherness with our children. The most significant gift we want to give to our children is trust in their uniqueness,
skills, and individuality. Feelings of being cared, trusted and safeguarded allow them to expand their limits beyond imaginations. These feelings are the first step in appreciating their own competency and
building empathy

Nuturing body, mind and soul

Man is made up of physical material, the body that can be seen and touched. But he is also made up of immaterial aspects, which are intangible -- this includes the soul, spirit, intellect, will, emotions,
conscience, and so forth. These immaterial characteristics exist beyond the physical lifespan of the human body and are therefore eternal. Only the education addresses these elements can be comprehensive


Spiritual perspective of man in Holy Qur’an
Educational and refining thoughts of Imam Gazzali, Ibnu Khaldun, Ibnu Arabi etc
Educational revivalists like Maria Montessori, Steiner Rudolf, Loris Malaguzzi etc
Psychologists like Woollams and Brown, Pam Levin, Vann Joines, Ian Stewart and Haward Garner
Indian philosophers like Rabindra Nath Tagore, Sri Aurabindo, Jidhu Krishna Moorthi


Teacher are co-parents

Teachers moulds the children in the journey towards fullness

Parents are co-facilitators

The learning never ends in schools. It continues throughout all activities of life. We train the parents to be a facilitator and guide in children’s’ progress

School is an extended home

School is a calm and peaceful space like home. They have a loving relationship and tranquil environment to belong, to become and to better

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